Good Night Texts for Buddies

Good night messages and pictures are a great way to show your loving and caring heart to your loved ones. Here is the best opportunity for you to let your dear buddy know how much you care for him. Here we have gathered a huge selection of Good Night Texts for Buddies quotes, Good Night Wallpapers, Good Night SMS texts that will surely put a smile on your buddy's face.

    My all friends are my super heroes, because they are with me in every condition. I will never forget them. Good Night my friends.

    Good Night My Friends, I am lucky because my day starts and ends with a text from a friend as lovely as you.

    The best and real relation in this world is friendship. Because friendships love never cheat us. Good Night Friends.

    Girlfriends and Boyfriends will come and go in our life but true friends will forever with us.Good Night my friends.

    A lovely star dropped on earth one night. Asked me u want a million dollar or a good friend? I chosen to have million dollars. . . . Because I already have you :)

    When nights are long, make it short and make it more lovely by sending a Good Night Texts for Buddies. Say to your buddies that your day starts and ends with texting them. Friendship and love are the best feelings one can ever feel. All the people you meet in your life will be taken care with either friendship or with love. Wish a sweet good night to your buddies with our lovely Good Night pictures, ecards listed here.

    When Nights are long & Friends are few... good night

    The beauty of having a little brother is that even if he is half the size, he will always protect his sister. Thank you brother, you will always be my little friend.

    Whenever I need them, my friends will stand up for me… but you are always standing for me.

    You are my best friend. I would like to discuss all things. Love You.

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